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Originally Posted by BrutalGreen View Post
looking real good!
Cheers dude(tte)!

It is time for another update! I spent most of this weekend in pain/ in bed after our house's so called deactivated alarm system went off at 4am and we had to strip it down in the middle of the night... This was less then fun given that they are designed not to be taken apart so shock you, generally deafen you and all edges are REALLY sharp...

But I got around to doing somethings, the outside surfaces are all going to be painted aluminium so I found my trusty jigsaw and aluminium angle!

There you have it, can we call this mod finished now? With everything being cut by hand there are always some inaccuracies so I made sure everything would be too big rather than too small! Shhh no one can see the missing supporting pillar!

As you can see some cleaning up will be required but thats ok, you can always take material off putting it back is harder...

Unfortunately with all the weight from the clamps that I had holding it together while I was puzzling the best fit one of the supports snapped! As it broke at the joint I just got some more acrylic weld and stuck it back in place.

While that dried I moved onto something more aesthetic fan grills from, Bill posted an image of them together on facebook so I ran down to the basement where I have a hodgepodge of random billet goodness!

A quick primer coat and they are ready for me to do something interesting with them...

Before painting I make sure I open the garage door to ensure good ventilation, but the garage has a counter weight and DAMN it was so close to crushing poor little codename c!

Finally for all the people who keep saying nice car... Get your fill then take a look at the case? :D

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