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My System Specs


Originally Posted by hansy1401 View Post
I've gathered that the x79 chipset provides more PCIe lanes, and that GPU scaling gets worse for each card. What i have seen however, is that the 670 scales quite well.

Looking at i see that the 1155 card provides x8/x16/x8 in 3-way SLI, and the 2011 card provides x16/x8/x16. Will this make a big difference? A HUGE one? None at all? I don't really get this part!
x8 should be fine for a 670... there will be a difference but your looking at 1% maybe 5% at a real push (note thats less than 3 fps at 60..)

Pci-e 3.0 makes no difference either.

I'm not one for suggesting AMD for eyefinity.. but with the price drops coming and how good the 7970's are at large resolutions.. worth a look?
Though thinking back to the 690 review, there were some major problems with corssfire..

If your spending that much (or willing to) I'd go for a 3570k (if your not rendering etc, 3770k if you are) and 2 680's (or a single 690.. why not) and call it a day.

As for why.. simply the 3570k is fast enough and games don't take advantage of hyperthreadding..
and the cards.. cos the more cards you add, the less return you get... get the larger cards and cut 1 out..
You can still add a third 680 down the line if you find you need the extra kick BUT by that stage you could sell up and probably have 780 and change which may be enough on it's own to handle that res...

If you were going tri or quad 680's, I would say to go for the 2011 as then you'll be pushing the pci lanes.. your about the limit with 3 670's or 680's (not that much difference in performance till you get to high res)

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