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While Parasound is a good company you will still be paying a very heavy premium for them. The nice thing about Emotiva is that they are an internet direct company (also they make components for other big companies and just bought out Sherwood if I'm not mistaken) so you save a ton of money for the same or better quality as Parasound and other big names. The comparable Parasound is the a52 and I'm seeing it used for $1600 haha. For just a bit more you can get the Reference XPR-5 which has 600 watts into 4ohms :) Of course if you don't need that much power then there is always the XPA-5 which has 300 watts into 4ohms at half the price of a used a52.

Unfortunately they don't have any Canadian retailers and that made it a bit hard for me at first but my UPA-7 was over 80lbs and I think was only $80 or less. At this point I'll probably never buy another amp or pre-amp from any other company just due to the massive price/performance ratio which no other company comes close to at this point.

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You might also want to consider the UMC-1 processor as it's on at a killer price of $499 which means you can just use hdmi or toslink from your sound card. That kind of setup though would be massive for a computer setup but still cheaper than a used a52. Like I said, I'm using the UPA-7 with the UMC-1 as my main stereo and it rattles the house haha.

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