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Well if you go with the amp I linked then you won't have to worry about over-driving it that's for sure (unless of course you are using Marten Logans or other really hard to drive speakers). The problem with going with a receiver at that price range is that you will never get that kind of power without spending 2-3 times or more what the Emotiva costs. The difference between the UPA-5 and any Yamaha, Pioneer, and even some higher end units is that the UPA-5 is rated with all channels driven at the same time. So their 120 watts is a true x5 whereas the others rate their wattage with only 2 channels being driven and that power drops off significantly with all channels driven. This puts you back to square one with over driving your receiver. Of course you may get lucky and be able to find a decent used NAD, Rotel etc at a price around what you want to spend or a bit more.

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