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Originally Posted by Slik View Post
The Tritton AX Pro's will give you digital AND analog. You can use it's USB sound card,or hook it up in 5.1 analog that plugs directly into your sound card. If you're looking for 7.1 analog headphones,your only choice right now is Razer Tiamat. That said,there are very few 7.1 games available as the majority are 5.1. The AX Pro's are a good choice for 5.1 analog surround. They sell for about the same price as Tiamat. If I were you though,I would go with the Tritton 510 hDA. They sound every bit as good as the AX Pro's,simple to set up and very good for gaming. The price is right too. Let us know your choice and what you think when you get them. Good luck.
I saw a review on both of them on the same vid and the guy told that the sound quality is pretty the same but the price is different because they can connect to xbox also
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