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Originally Posted by Slik View Post
What country are you in? It would be more helpful if we knew what you have as a sound card in your PC right now. Also.what your primary use of the headphones will be. A decent sound card should be considered before you decide on the type of headphones you want. No sense spending $200 on headphones if your sound card isn't up to the task. I suggest a sound card rather than USB,as 5.1 analog is really the only true surround sound. USB is a digital surround.and while it may be O.K. for some,analog is going to give you a much more defined sound. The Tritton 510 hDA and Roccat Kave are both 5.1 analog and provide a "true" surround at a very good price. To get the best out of either set,a decent sound card is a must. Understand that I am not an audio tech or expert. I provide my opinion only,based on how headphones etc. sound, period. Are the Tritton and Roccat's available in your country? You'll be happy with either set I'm sure. Let us know what you decide on. Good luck!
Well i think that i will buy Creative Audigy SE i heard this card is fit for this job + he's 7.1

My use of the headset is primaraly FPS games and a little bit music

i'm thinking to get the AX pro tritton..and both of the headset are available in my country (from ebay)

so i will compare AX pro to 510 hDA
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