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Default [PC] HAF932; old PC

1st gen, which means gray interior and usb 2.0 front panel. bought it like a week after launch. mint condition with no scratches. I have everything it came with minus the wheels (wish I could find 'em, I know they're in a box somewhere). It's a good case, but I'm bored with it and would like to buy something new.

Probably a local sale since shipping for it would be ridiculous. I did a search and someone said $125, which to me seems high, considering it was close to that NEW, 4 years ago. But I wouldn't complain.:P


Also have an old PC I'd like to unload, since it's been my "backup" for almost a year, and has yet to be powered on for anything.

c2d e6750 under a Xigmatek s1283. Has been overclocked, obviously.
4gb Buffalo Firestix DDR2 1066
Gigabyte GA-P35-DS3L
Coolermaster 500w
Coolermaster Elite 330 case (or something)
Pioneer DVR-111L (very nice NEC chipset drive; shame it's not SATA)
No OS, but I have several spare, legit copies of XP. It current has Win8 on it.

It currently has a 200GB IDE HD and a fanless Radeon HD5450. I could swap in a Seagate 250GB SATA drive; would that really be worth it? I'm currently using the drive as a download drive in my PC, but it's not essential. I also have my old 8800GT that seems like a prime candidate for the baking fix (the usual sudden onset severe artifacting). I'm not sure how I'd feel selling a "fixed" video card, though, and of course there's no guarantee. Again, is it worth the effort of repairing it?

I'd estimate that without the SATA HD and 8800, it's around $200-250 or so. With, maybe $300+?


Edit: one more item, if you don't mind.:D
GTX470...runs stable at 750 mhz core. Worth anything at all? I'd like to either find it a mate or get something faster. Have been searching local ads for months and have yet to find any 470s.
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