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Default Need help with buying a mobo for 3x ssd in raid 0


I am building a rig and have ordered 3 x crucial m4 128gb SSDs. I am wondering which mobo would be right for me.
I am thinking of getting the asrock z77 pro4 as it has 4x sata3 connections. Here is the problem - i dont understand raid 0 very much yet and i dont understand whether this mobo enables me to use all 3 SSDs in raid 0 configuration while also not bottlenecking the performance.

3xSSD in raid 0, which mobo is right? Thinking of z77 pro4 but dont understand sata and raid 0 fully.

Thanks and hope some of you can help me :)

EDIT: as i have understood so far then i wont get a mobo like that for a decent price, so a new question arises - can i run 2x ssd in sata 3 and one in sata 2 and still have them all set up in a raid 0 config?
Ty, and sorry for bad typing, im on a tablet...

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