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My System Specs


Any of these CPUs will be fine for 3x670s. I agree with Robert though.

Between the 3770 and 3820 you should choose the 3770. Performance will be similar, 3770 will draw less power, Z77 Mobos tend to be cheaper, newer, and generally have more features (thunderbolt etc.)

Your real decision should be between the 3930 and the 3770. It will depend on your intended purpose for the computer. If it is strictly for gaming, browsing, movies etc. then save some money and go 3770. All things being equal, I suspect that you'd see less than 10 fps difference between the two. If you want to do overclocking, benchmarking, video editing, major file compression and other CPU intensive things then I'd spend a few more dollars and go 3930. The 3930 is a 6 core CPU and in multithreaded applications will be much faster.
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