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Originally Posted by Bond007 View Post
What monitor setup will you be using? For the most part 1 or 2 gtx 670 will be more than enough to push great fps in all games. With that in mind I would go for 1155. If you are running extreme resolutions in a multimonitor setup, then you could justify 2011 and a 3 way sli computer. As you add more cards you get less and less benefit from the extra card. For a gaming only setup the only reason to go to 2011 is for the extra PCIE lanes and the ability to go to hex core cpus (that don't give that much of a gain).

Here is a gtx 670 2 and 3 way review if you haven't already found it.

I've gathered that the x79 chipset provides more PCIe lanes, and that GPU scaling gets worse for each card. What i have seen however, is that the 670 scales quite well.

Looking at i see that the 1155 card provides x8/x16/x8 in 3-way SLI, and the 2011 card provides x16/x8/x16. Will this make a big difference? A HUGE one? None at all? I don't really get this part!
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