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The Tritton AX 720's are digital surround and used with XBox etc. If you're going to use headphones with your PC and you want a true 5.1 surround,you should look at analog 5.1 headphones. The Tritton 510 HDa's are 5.1 analog and sell for about $90. You may want to consider the Roccat Kave's. They too are 5.1 analog and in my opinion,provide a better surround sound when gaming. The Kave's sell for about $100 TO $120. I have a set of Psyko Carbon's that are designed for gaming only. They sell for $199 and are a bit expensive for a set of headphones that are primarily for gaming. The Razer Tiamat's are a new design that outputs 5.1 and 7.1 analog. At $180,this set is great for gaming,music and movies. I have a set of Tiamat's and I can tell you that they shine when gaming. I have always looked for a set of analog surround headphones that could beat Psyko,and the Tiamat's are as close as you will ever get. I don't know what your budget is,but if you game on a PC,and enjoy listening to music etc. get the Tiamat's. If you are looking in the $100 range,I would say go with the Tritton 510 hdA or Roccat Kave,with a slight edge to Tritton. Trust me,when it comes to gaming headphones,I know of what I speak.
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