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My System Specs


Yeah the Sabretooth is a fine looking peice of tech, almost art. But it is so common to see in builds now, like the Crosshair's its become mainstraem to run a rig on one of these common "enthusiast" boards. I would like to try some more obscure builds built around some nice ECS boards (I really like there aesthetic), tough sell to a client that has never heard of em though.

Anyways I don't see the benifit of "upgrading" to a 3770k if you get the results you want with your 2700k. I have been trying to find an excuse for 6months now to buy a new Motherboard (still using a DDR2 MA790x-ud4p but I can OC to 4.2 1090t at very low v) but there just is not enough of a possible performance increase to justify the upgrade, it would just make the iching stop.

Good luck and have fun with whatever you decide.
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