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Well its not an announcement per se its the Blizzard's 2008 Worldwide Invitational being held this weekend in Paris would be a good place to tell everyone what all these damn mysterious pics are about. And although I know most of blizzard's online products since D2 have been pay per play but i would hope they have made enough billions from WOW that they could put D3 online and not have to make people pay. I am sure thats a retarded lvl of optimism because every company out there will take ANY way possible to make a buck or billion... but stranger things have happened. But either way I thought the single player stories of D1 and D2 made the game and it was never the online play that did it for me. So I see myself being able to buy D3 and play single player and be able to completely ignore online play IF you have to pay for it. Then again I am getting ahead of myself because this might not even be D3 and I could be setting myself up for a metaphorical/pyschological nutshot of epic proportions...
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