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PSU rails or all around defective motherboard are the likely culprits, with the later being the most common, especially given you've tried the memory.
The PC speaker is your best bet. If you pull the ram, the PC boots and gives you ANY beep code, you can be fairly certain the Mobo is alright.

You can't differentiate between a failed mobo and something as specific as fail battery, or cmos corruption.A defective part of the motherboard means a defective motherboard. And even so, some CMOS corruptions will still allow the board to board, and inform you the CMOS is corrupted. I wouldn't waste my time trying to figure out specifics.

CPU fail rates are measured in the fraction of percents so don't bother trying to diagnose that. Always act on the assumption it is working.

If it is another discrete components like GPU, the PC post beep will make that obvious by letting you know the mobo is good. You move out from there.
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