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Default Potential heat issue

I just picked up a used 570 MDT from Slick (thanks for the card btw ) and read that it can get very very hot. My case is a CM Centurion 5 which only have 1 x 120mm rear and 1 x 80mm front. I complimented it with a 5.25 HDD cage with 120mm fan. Should I upgrade to something to at least 3 x 120mm? Also, I have an Antec Tricool 80mm fan that has an adjustable switch. It's rated max speed of 2600 rpm but when I check with the BIOS, it only runs at 1400 rpm or so. It's plug into a 4 pin header on the board but it only have 3 pin. Since only 4 pin fan have fan control, why isn't it running at its max speed when the adjuster is set to high?
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