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That really sucks, I had thought of going dual/tri 690s but never pulled the picn and thank God i didnt. It sucks as a consumer when you take all that coin to buy a product you expect to work and it craps out on you.

I was running tri-sli GTX 680s SC EVGAs and really feel its overkill with minimal return with visual performance over dual 680 cards. the reality is with the cards sandwiched together I really worried about all that heat in tight quarters. then the 670s come out with 95% of the performance for a hundred bucks less. Now the overclocked performance is even better than the stock 680s. Go figure.

I love playing games on a triple display for the immersive eye candy but it turns out to be a handicap pf performance per dollar to a certain point. Why doesn't someone build an all in one solution ie integrated mobo/high gpu with upgradeability or has it been done already?
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