Thread: Work in progress Operation : Big UPS/solar backbone.
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Thanks for the interest everyone !

All the cables are in ! I'm in the process of fixing ceilings/walls now.The hard work is done , the expensive work is on the way...heh.Time to buy enclosures/fittings/etc....


Originally Posted by clshades View Post
Enmax is offering some new thing with solar panels. It's basically some kinda long term contract that you buy out at the end of the term 10 years I believe. But you'd get the solar panels installed and the inverter which is the key to your puzzle yeh?

The UPS' are the inverters.Not only that but they do AVR (automatic voltage regulation) and battery monitoring as well.

step 1 : set up whole house UPS.
step 2 : add a battery bank.
step 3 : solar panel and external charge controller.
step 4 : actually test a UPS in a 'continuous conversion' setup.This is a big maybe.

...but were on step 1 now , and it's a big one.

I've got pics but no way to host em....I'll get em up as soon as I can.

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