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My System Specs


I like to reinstall the OS once a year or so, usually in the winter when I'm bored and stuck here, lol...
Installing the OS is fast and easy but like the others said its all the other apps and games and updates thats so time consuming :(

i7 4970k 32GB Kingston HyperX MSI Gaming 5 MSI R9 390 Gaming 8G (to replace 970 SLI because NVidia has zero support/major issues!) 30" HP ZR30W + 27" Samsung 275T 4x240GB Intel 530 in Raid 0 + 1GB WD Black Lain-Li X2000F EVGA SuperNova 850W G2 BeQuiet! Dark Rock 3 Logitech Z5500 Win7pro 64bit
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