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My System Specs


My card went back defective and I decided to get a refund instead of a new one so I could explore options from other comapnies and see whats coming out soon.
I choose this as it took over 1.5 months to get service, and EVGA didn't seem to want to help out any in good faith. I paid $1157.77 CDN total and only got back $1041.55 CDN. I know 48 was shipping but not the rest... I also still have to try and get back the almost $150 I paid in taxes as well for a product that was defective... I'm out in total for a defective card over $250. I could have bought another 480 and SLI'd mine and gotten similar performance to a 680 for just the amount I lost! Not impressed with EVGA on this one :(

I've still not decided if I'm going to stay nVidia or try a 7970, some of them coming out are looking pretty nice. I game at 2560x1600 so it'd be good either way I think. I want to see what 6 series cards are coming out too, hmmm...

i7 4790k 32GB Kingston HyperX MSI Gaming 5 MSI R9 390 Gaming 8G 30" HP ZR30W + 27" Samsung 275T 4x240GB Intel 530 in Raid 0 + 1TB WD Black Lain-Li X2000F EVGA SuperNova 850W G2 BeQuiet! Dark Rock 3 Logitech Z5500 Win7pro 64bit

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