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Sweet review. You deserve a DAM good reviewer award!
As for disponibility of the 4850, I have seen one on direct-canada, They most be out of stock as I wright this message. These cards will sell like crazy!

Now lets see some mismatched CFX reviews: 4850-4870....4850-3850.....4850-3870....4870-3850....4870-3870.... Let's not forget to put a 3870X2 in there too.

I am verry impressed with the results of the cooler you tryed on that 4870! It would be sweet if it pushed the air outside tha case, but then again the cooling performance is amazing and a case with good airflow should be abble to extract the heat effectively.

I am glad that SKYMTL took his time and did not rush this review. You do a great job informing us and I ask you to continu doing your job with this professionnal attitude. I preffer waiting a few days and have and good in depth review than having a bunch of benches thrown at me with little to no valuable text.
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