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Default mATX + I5

Hi there,

Case: fractal Define Mini (I want a nice, classy, quiet computer)
SSD: Crucial M4
PSU: Antec 520 or 620 W

Now for the MOBO/CPU I'm not sure. the computer wont be used for gaming (Mostly MS-Office, websurfing), so I dont need a crazy GPU. In fact, I could probably live with onboard graphic.
However, I do have an used 5850HD that I could put in the system (hopefully it will fit in the Fractal Mini). For the CPU, I'm leaning towards an I5 (3530 ?), which might look overkill given my usage, but
I wont likely change this computer for another 5 years (So I'm not sold really on the AMD 3870...I'm sure it will be ok on the short term, but will be obselete faster).

The mATX is because I would prefer a small case (and I wont be OC or only mild OC eventually)

any suggestions/comments ?
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