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My System Specs

Default i'm planning to overclock my FX4100 + the HD6850DD

Well i had no idea what to put in the title... but .. well..

i would like to overclock my system to get a liiitle bit of "extra juice" from the cpu and the gpu..
i'm running my rig on a 970a platform and a sentey ERP600SS psu (idk if you hurd about this brand in the USA + Canada) and i have a couple of questions

1.- will the 970a platform be able to take a minor oc?
2.- what low budget psu would you recommend in case i have to change the unit... (i was thinking of getting myself a Sentey 80plus bronze,,,)

please note that this is actually the first time in my life that i plan such thing... so... try to be.. nice? haha

hoping to get some answers and some good advises :D

thanks for your time :D see ya ;D
Gigabyte GA-970a UD3

AMD FX-4100 @3.6ghz

Corsair Vengeance 4gb x2 (@1600mhz - CL9)

AMD XFX HD6850 Dual Disipation

WD Caviar Green 750gb

Sentey ERP600ss
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