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9 • glossary

AGS - AutoGuitar Solutions

AutoTabber - Hardware and software package used to automatically generate guitar tablature.

bend - Stringed instrument playing technique.

C - General-purpose programming language. See ‘programming language.’

C# - Object-oriented programming language. See ‘programming language.’

C++ - Object-oriented programming language. See ‘programming language.’

chip - Electronic equipment fabricated to carry out an electronic function.

chord - A combination of any three or more notes played simultaneously. See ‘note.’

fret - Raised metal strip on the neck of a stringed instrument, like a guitar.

hammer-on - Stringed instrument playing technique.

microcontroller - A functional computer system on a chip, used to control a device.

note - A notation representing the pitch and duration of a musical sound.

PIC - See ‘microcontroller.’

PIC18F4550 Microcontroller - used to control all operations of the hardware. See ‘microcontroller.’

pickup - Transducer that captures mechanical vibrations.

programming language - A language used for programming computers.

pull-off - Stringed instrument playing technique.

riff - Repeated chord progression. See ‘chord.’

slide - Stringed instrument playing technique.

tabbing - The method of creating tablature. See ‘tablature.’

tab - See ‘tablature.’

tablature - A method for transcribing notes played on a guitar. Also referred to as ‘tab.’ See ‘note.’

USB - Universal Serial Bus standard.
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