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My System Specs


Hi, just wanted to relate my experience crossfiring a 5770 and a 5750 (same as 6000's).

After crossfiring I did see a remarkable (almost double ) performance increase in all of the tests that I ran, and after overclocking the 5750 to similar speeds to the 5770 the system SHOULD have been equal to a about a 6950. However in reality the cards did not seem able to keep the screen from, "shaking", "tearing", whenever the point of view was rotated and no amount of v-sync helped or made a change. Maybe it has to do with the 128 bit bus, I don't know, moving in a straight line or sidestepping did not cause this problem only rotating a first person perspective's point of view caused this.

While trying to fix this problem I realized that it is very common and happens alot to people at high resolution 1920x1200 with espescially with these lower end cards so I just bit the bullet and sold my two cards and bought a cheapo GTX480.
Good Luck
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