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Default ASUS GTX 680 DirectCu II TOP Severe Lag Problem


I recently managed to grab a GTX 680 DirectCu II TOP video card.

I am upgrading from an Ati HD 4890 XT. Power Supply -- Corsair TX650 -- There are 4 HDD / 1 DVD Writer attached along with an H60 closed loop water cooler. 4 x 120 mm fans, 1 x 120mm water cooler fan and 1 x 20 cm fan. Apart from the power going to the mobo. I believe the TX650 is capable enough of supplying power to all these components as well as the video card.

However, when i plugged in my ASUS GTX 680 DirectCu II TOP there was a ridiculous amount of lag. The windows logo upon restart took a significant amount of time to go away before I could login to my user account. Windows in general was responding extremely slowly.

I found this a bit weird because usually there is lag when you have a video card without the driver attached but it has never been this bad. But wrote it off as a driver problem and went to the nVidia site to grab the latest stable driver. Once installed and computer restarted...nothing changed the lag was just as bad. I tried a beta driver, the problem still persisted.

At this point i thought maybe my old amd driver was conflicting and removed all traces of amd driver from my system this changed nothing. Tried other beta driver, nothing changed.

I did a littler research and found that dust in the slot might cause this. However cleaning there (no dust found) did not yield improved results.

Is there something I'm missing? Are there extra steps i should take?

Also Note: Once i plugged my old ati card back in, lag was gone. Only nVidia drivers installed no amd at all.
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