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My System Specs


What about the 800D? It technically is usb 3.0 compatible if you buy the $15 upgrade kit, and sata 6 if you buy the other upgrade kit.

I don't own one personally but my noob friend bought one and had me build his computer in it. Easiest and cleanest build ever. I have large hands with big knuckles so most cases cut them up. No problem with the 800d.

The 800D has an Achilles heel; its intake fan. It relies on a single fan (either 140 or 120, can't remember) to pull air into the main chamber, but it has up to 4 exhaust fans in that chamber (1x140, 3x120).

A quick and dirty fix is just to spend 20-30 bucks and buy a really nice fan that stays quiet. I would actually recommend replacing all the stock fans as they're o.k. but not boutique quality; and I think noctua would look great (black and gold).

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