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Default Deciding on the Perfect Case

Well im sure you guys see a million of these butt ive tried for a long time and i could just use a little help with some leg work.
im looking for a good solid case... and i mean GOOD case. I want Very good build quality like fractal designs quality or better
My initial case choice wound up being the Fractal Designs Define XL. But that case is just a little off from what i want... its a good fall back but i just want something better... heres what im looking for in order of importance.

1.Build Quality (paint finish, Sleeved front cables, attention to detail essentially)

2.Silence (doesnt need to be perfect but i dont want a lot of noise at all... ill be going for an 80+ platinum psu if it gives u an idea)

3.Liquid Cooling Compatability (not sure if like just a corsair closed loop to begin with but i plan on a full gpu and cpu loop eventually.... hopefully with not much modification needed)

4.Size ( roughly the size of a define xl or smaller please.... i dont want a monstrosity.. if anything i want it stealthy and for people to not even know it's there)

5.Key Features (hot swap drives... rotated mobo... whatever... ill consider anything.. i just want things that set apart a good case from a great case)

all cases should please have usb 3.0 and fan filters on most fans.. bottom mounted psu and rubber grommeted cable routing with room in the back for cables... like i said.... the necessary things to make a great case.... i would prefer to stay under $250 and the best deal is what i want...
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