Thread: Work in progress Operation : Big UPS/solar backbone.
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Yea that's why I called it a teaser.

I am having issues with my ftp right now.It's probably my fault but I don't have time to deal with it right now , so hosting pics is being a pain.

Dunnae worrae ladday !!

I'm taking the pics all the same.


Here's where this project sits :

I have removed 1/4 of my basement ceiling.I have also cut stud to stud slots through the laundry room walls ajoining the garage.

I have found the path.The holes are in.

The first of 3 cables is in.Here's whats happening :I've decided to run 3 cables rather than one big one....
Cable 1 is armorflex 8/4.Cable 2 is armorflex 10/3........Cable 3 I custom made : it's a 7/14 + 3/12 in 3/4 inch armorflex.....

The 8/4 is in....the last two will be gravy compared to that bitch !

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