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Originally Posted by zsamz_ View Post
never had a good rma with ocz

and the worst is passing off cheap ram for high end ram rma

"old" OCZ =/= "new" OCZ. Same name...nearly dif company....and different company culture.

OCZ are taking the SSD market VERY seriously. More importantly...they learned from past mistakes. Hell the mistake they made in "passing off" new 25nm on older gen SSDs (as someone else alluded to)...was the industry standard that many other companies were doing at the same time...and nearly everyone had done in the past with previous NAND gens were released!

It wasnt until the firestorm hit OCZ that all the mfg'ers had a "light bulb" moment and they all started to really understand that storage enthusiasts are not stupid, are vocal and are very fickle. It hit OCZ the most as they sold a LOT more than the other mfg'ers at that time that were effected. I kinda felt for Tony and the OCZ crew as it got nasty....really quickly.

Does that excuse the deletion of legit customer complaints on their support forum. Nope. But in their defence it was more a case of deleting redundant whines than hiding it (IIRC they werent the only ones doing it either)....AND they did make good on the issue and were more than willing to swap drives AND offer a program so anyone could easily tell if they were effected.

Like them or not, they are one of the few companies still innovating and pushing the boundaries of the market. Most are just willing to cost along and make a killing. OCZ, Intel, Crucial. These are the ones I use in my own rigs the majority of the time (with a smattering of Patriot, Kingston, Samsung and GSkill making up the rest).

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