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Dancing_Banana Upcoming CPU reviews

Hello to all
For the upcoming CPU reviews that will happen here on HWC, probably the next big thing will be AMD's Trinity and Phenom FX based on the Piledriver core, is it possible guys when you make the charts to have a chart that compares the CPUs at the same speed? Bring all CPUs thrown in the comparison to the same speed (either by downclocking or overclocking them lightly) and draw a chart for us the rest of the commoners to clearly see the difference between them? And maybe even have a percentage to the bars showing the advantage or the disadvantage compared to a baseline. And some folding numbers also please? For example, I have seen on Toms Hardware the review of the upcoming AMD Trinity for the desktop here,3241-7.html
I don't want to stay and calculate the difference in performance/MHz in between a SKU at 3.9GHz and one at 2.9 GHz or 3.0 GHz. Do you think this is doable? Thank you!
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