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Originally Posted by Cheakamus View Post
What's Path of Exile's business model? Ads supported? Virtual gear sale?
Originally Posted by sswilson View Post
IIRC, it's based off of mostly cosmetic micro-transactions A-La farmville.
Yes, they will sell micro-transaction "points" to be used to buy stuff like extra stash tabs (you start with 5), extra character slots (you start with 24(!)), and that's all there is at the moment since it's still in closed beta. To give you an idea, $10 buys you 100 points, and both extra stash tabs and character slots cost 30 points.

Future stuff will likely be cosmetic, like spell effects or whatever, although there is the option for custom paid leagues (standard "leagues" are Default, Hardcore, Cutthroat, etc.) where you define the rule set as well as who is invited, so you can have your own "event" if you like, like an Ironman competition or a timed race, etc. They will not be selling in-game items or anything in the "pay-to-win" category in their shop.
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