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I loved it when I bought it but then it was one bug or lost feature after another.
First it was audio problems in netflix, then audio problems with HD audio, then it was the lack of a flash update and 75% of the shows I watched disappearing(adobes fault), and then there was RTMP no longer working. Soon after that it became impossible to turn off the box with the remote, and turning it off by holding the button down damages external harddrives. Unless you wait 30secs at the home screen you can't turn it off with the remote.
The box would never scrape my media properly, XBMC picks up 99% compared to boxee picking up 50%(feeling generous with that figure).
They've also removed features for no appearent reason too. Like custom zoom. You can still zoom but only at pre-defined lvls, you used to be able to zoom however you wanted.

I bought it to use as advertised and wanted a bit of every feature it said it could do. Today it can only do the bare minimum well. The same bare minimum that devices half its price are now capable of.

Team Boxee needs to take their head out of the cloud and start focusing on fixing the current box before releasing the next gen. I for one will never buy anything with Boxee written on it not unless Team Boxee acknowledges how they've been a complete failure with the original box. Imo anyone who owns the current box should be giving a next gen box when they are produced. Folks are pretty pissed with boxee, even going as far as discussing class action law suits.

Its sad what a great device has been reduced to just because of a terrible team behind it.
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