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My System Specs


Dunno about bad scaling... but reports i've heard (never run x-fire myself) is that the drivers are more flaky and the support for games can be much slower in coming through for AMD..
That said I've not heard much in the last few months about dual card issues (apart from when SKYMTL was doing the 690 review, he had issues with x-fire 7970's.)

Really, you shouldn't need more than 1 card.. even if you dip to 50 fps on 1 map in extreme cases, is it worth the extra spend?

Personally I would go for 1 670, if you want more performance then add a second..
that is of course unless you can get a 7970 for less than the 670..
cost is a big determining factor, otherwise I'd go straight for an Asus DCII TOP 680 or even a 690...

May I ask what your currently using?
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