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Originally Posted by Shadowmeph View Post
I had a feeling after playing the D3beta that it was going to be like this, but I am really hoping that after a patch , or a couple of updates it should get better. as for path to exile, I have been trying to get into that beta for a while just haven't been accepted yet
They give away a key every 5 minutes on the website (there's a "Beta Invite Timer" with the latest recipient and upcoming recipient on the main page). Hopefully you get lucky soon! They are also running a kickstarter program where you have the option of dropping $10 to guarantee a beta key (and receive 100 microtransaction points to be used in the store following release) .

Originally Posted by sswilson View Post
PoE is probably the most mentioned currently running alternative suggested over on the Blizz forums. TL2 is still seen as the saviour of the genre.... I really hope folks aren't putting unreasonable expectations on it.
I checked out PoE about 10 months ago and was put off by how zoomed-in the camera was, so I figured I'd wait and see. They have since pulled it back and now I'm completely happy with how it looks and plays. The upcoming patch will include the Act 2 boss, as well as the "end-game" Maps system (among other things).

It's different from TL2 because PoE is a closed system similar to the online Diablo 2 experience. TL2 will no doubt serve the people who just want offline single-player, or perhaps LAN play with buddies, but unless Runic develops a closed-server environment there will be fundamental differences between the games. Personally, I was never very interested in single-player or "open" Diablo 2, so PoE is very appealing to me. It's also F2P, which I'm sure a lot of people are happy about.

I haven't tried TL2 yet, but if someone is able to develop a server client then that could provide gaming communities with a unique opportunity, although it'd have to include some way to exclude mod'd items, etc. Not easy I'm guessing.
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