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Originally Posted by redline View Post
So you managed to boot into Vista the first time after the card was inserted to install the Vantec drivers?

Originally Posted by redline View Post
The problem could be with the boot order. Your board was trying to boot from a drive/channel without an OS.
In the BIOS I have the standard boot priority setup... cd-rom, hdd, etc. But I'm not sure I've ever seen where I can set the actual boot drive, i.e. which physical drive and partition.

Originally Posted by redline View Post
You hosed the existing installation before you could troubleshoot the BIOS settings or the hardware.
Well I might have prematurely wiped the drive the first time but I haven't touched it this second time. The drive is definitely nuked as seen on another computer. FWIW the drive that the computer put the few boot files on was not connected to the SATA card.

Originally Posted by redline View Post
Simplify the troubleshooting process by first getting the system up and running without the SATA card, then install the card and adjust the BIOS settings of the motherboard and perhaps also the SATA card.
This is what I did the second time around. Got the OS up and running and then installed the SATA card and drivers. All was well for about a day then it went to #$%^. Again I haven't seen where to set the physical boot drive in the BIOS but I'll have a dig around. Also I haven't been into the SATA card BIOS yet. I'm not setting up any kind of RAID with it so I didn't see a need to, maybe I'll have a look in there too.
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