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Originally Posted by blaze_125 View Post
Do we really need big brother to approve our sales threads?
If a sales thread doesn't comply with the rules... Delete it.
The focus should be on bringing iTrader back, not on making up new sensless rules.
In short? Yes we do since too many long standing members 'forget' how to post a proper FS thread.
And too Many BST issues.

Originally Posted by enaberif View Post
*insert crying gif here*

Welcome to being part of the community and accepting it as a part time to full time job especially when it starts getting crazy. I've been on forums MUCH MUCH larger and nobody has this "mods to check over the new sales" crap.
Yes, we understand what it is to be part of a community. Perhaps its because our Member base doesn't follow the Rules as well as other sites? Regardless its done, and over with so just live with it or don't. The choice has always and forever been the end users.

This is a helpful measure, even if you personally don't see it that way.


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