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Originally Posted by Arinoth View Post
The fiancee and I alone got about 60 hours of gameplay on our first D3 characters and probably 20ish maybe hire on our second. Personally I find that 80+ hours spent on a 60$ rather well worth it. I just have no real drive to keep playing it now or recommending it to anyone.
As someone who played thousands of hours of D2 (and wanted more), getting bored after about 150~ish hours wasn't really what I expected when I dropped $60 on D3. I'm not sorry I bought it, I'm just sorry that this was the result of 8 years of waiting/4+ years of development. It was such a long wait that I didn't care about D3 anymore: I had put the thought of D3 out of my mind and was fine with the fact that Bliz would release it when it was ready. No rush (obviously), I could wait.

Judging from the last couple of pages of this thread, many of you have straight dropped the game (as I did), or are barely playing it fewer than 2 months after release. Personally, I found a lvl 59 "Legendary" that was so bad that I felt no desire to play the game afterward (and haven't since).

Now I'm playing the Path of Exile closed beta and it's already more satisfying than D3 - and it's not even finished yet. That nostalgic feeling that everyone shot down the D2 fans for during the D3 launch? PoE generates it in spades. Plus it has a deep active/passive skill system, great atmosphere (light radius in randomly-generated dungeons? But I thought it was impossible?!) and awesome itemization. The PoE open beta is scheduled to start in August should all go according to plan, so check it out if you get a chance!

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