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D14 is better than any of those closed loop water coolers. The only cons for the D14 are size related. If space and clearance isn't an issue for you than you'd want the D14. I've been researching this for the last few weeks as I am starting to do some light OC on my i7 960. I went with the much smaller Noctua NH-U9B SE2. Its perfect for my needs. Got it for $39 too price matched at ncix.

Also if you are interested in the C14 over the D14, not much of a different performance wise, you can price match that to $58.88 at NCIX. Its on for $58.88 in store only at Canada Computers but NCIX will ship it anywhere for the same price in price match. Considering the money you save the C14 is your best option. You can use the savings to pick up some extra fans or what not.

Canada Computers C14 link
NCIX C14 link
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