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My System Specs


As all those above say.. scrape a lil off your budget in some places and splash a lil in others.. Save on the CPU and Mobo, splash on ram (a bit) GPU and monitor.. possibly SSD if you can get there..

Monitor is a very good point..
A second-hand IPS would be a good option as it will offer you much better colour reproduction for your video stuff
Also 2 monitor set-up is very good for increasing productivity in video editing or even document creation (source and essay open at same time)

I suggest second hand IPS as it may bring the price into your range as new they are not cheap.

On the GPU, I would suggest going for a 570 or a 560ti.. 448's , unless you get a good deal just aren't worth the premium they hold IMO..
Hopefully the 660 will be out before you are ready to build but it has been VERY quiet for the past few weeks.

SSD's IMO are a luxury item... they do increase performance of the system (boot times and program load times) but should be the last thing people add if they are a bit tight on the budget.
That said, different people have different priorities when it comes to system performance and there is nout wrong with prioritizing it higher if those load times mean more to you.

Good luck with the new build.. Hope you enjoy it.
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