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Default Am I dumb? ...problems with a SATA card

I got a Vantec UGT-ST310R card for my NAS to add some SATA ports. It's an old board - a gigabyte GA-965P-DS3 with a e6300. As soon as I added the card I went through the new hardware thing and added the drivers as per the instructions. When I rebooted I got an error saying a certain file was missing or corrupt and the OS couldn't load. I used the windows disk (Vista x86) at this point and according to it the entire partition information on the boot drive as well as any info on that whole drive was gone. I pulled the drive and put it into another computer and sure enough it was seeing it as a brand new drive with no partition info. Luckily I used some software to rescue the important stuff off that drive. So I put the drive back in the original computer and setup new partition info in the OS setup and installed the OS. Everything went well and when it went to boot up on it's own the DVD drive kicked in and was showing that drive again as a new drive with all partition info wiped out.

I did that a few times and eventually took out the Vantec card and got the OS installed and again setup the drivers for it and all was good. In working through reinstalling all my stuff it went through a few boot ups with no probs then again - a blank drive. WTF! I've put the drive in another computer and sent it through some tests and everything is OK. Something about having a SATA controller card is blanking the OS drive - and only that drive. There are 7 other drives connected that are untouched. I've also tried with a copy of XP I have and same thing.

I'm hoping there is something glaringly obvious I missed to explain why this is happening. Anyone have any ideas?
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