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My System Specs

Default Hot Swap External Cooling

Has anyone ran 2 machines each with seperate pumps (cpu cooling only) into a single large reservoir with a single large external cooler?

The end results would have 2 or more machines dumping heat outdoors in summer and allow for fan free cooling in winter months. The machines are overclocked and folding.

My intent is to use quick connects to allow maintenance on the machines without shutting down both.
I was mainly concerned with the need for one way check valves on the quick connects to avoid the affects of differential pressure between the two (or more) closed loops downstream of the cpus.

The cooler is capable of handling the flow of 3 seperate systems each running a Laing D5 Rev 2 pump.

I was going to run 1/2" tubing for both cpu blocks and tie into a custom 1" manifold on the reservoir output and radiator input side.

Any advise would be appreciated.

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