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Originally Posted by Marute View Post
Hi guys. This is perhaps a weird question but I have a Windows Phone and I'm pretty sure it's okay, but as with any smartphone it doesn't have any virus protection (as far as I know).

We browse the internet with our smartphones as we do with our regular computers so how can I know if my phone has picked up something on the way? It if it has, can it be fixed?

In general what I'm trying to say is that I'm very pleased with my phone and would like it to continue working like it was new without starting to be slow or do weird stuff or something like that.

Thanks! :-)
Have you installed "3D Anti-Terrorist"? If not, you probably don't have a virus, a few minutes of Googling only turned up this single trojan.

If there are any problems, you can get perform a factory reset in the settings menu to return to factory settings. In general, this shouldn't be necessary; apps are sandboxed, so uninstalling leaves the phone in the exact same state as before an app was instaled.

Originally Posted by Galcobar View Post
Quite a few anti-virus applications from the big names for Windows Phone 7 available, some free or trial versions, and some available in the Windows Marketplace.
I don't think there are any anti-virus apps available anymore, AVG got pulled after some controversy about it being useless (no real WP viruses, and the app is sandboxed so it can't really scan anything anyway), and it using geo-location to track users in a way specifically disallowed by WP certification guidelines.
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