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My System Specs


get the i5.. more than enough power to last you a good few years.. your not doing anything that processor intensive, hell I used to regularly video edit on a mid range core2 dual core lappy without much issue.. and you will see 0 difference in games.

drop the 680 too unless you have a large resolution monitor (more than 1920x1080) 670 will be more than enough to have everything max'd in any game..

at the end of the day spend the least you can now (for max performance) so that you have more later when you eventually upgrade.. that may be a yr or so (or a monitor upgrade away)

The oc'd 670's are as good as a stock 680.. and push them a bit more and they are the same as the factory oc'd 680's. just look at the gigabyte windforce and asusdcii reviews for what I mean.
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