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Default Msi Interceptor Nighthawk - AVOID at full price.

Bought this case on sale from NCIX for $29.99 after MIR, which for the price was a great deal.
However if you were to buy this case at the full price of $89 or whatever it is you'd be sadly disappointed. It has 2 120mm Fans and a 200mm fan on the side panel which is great. The case itself is rather flimsy and has several build issues.
First off the front 5.25" panels fall into the case with the slightest pressure, like moving the case around to access the rear.
The tool less drive bays work ok but are a bit stubborn and don't work with SSD drive brackets.
The mesh fan cover on the bottom is not attached but is held in place by sliding it under square hooks on every side. Touching it at all causes it to fall off or need to be reseated.
Also only one 2.5" mount, and thats the bottom of the case itself.
The case is flimsy and doesn't feel very solid over all.

For $29 its a great looking case if you have the patience for its faults.
For $89 you'd be pretty pissed.

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