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Personally, I don't see how posting a WTB is any different to pming or post in someone else's WTS thread.. the is no limits to buy an item unless your looking for something specific?

WTS is a totally different story.. IMO there should be 3 options when posting in BST.. (for thread icons) wts wtb wtt.. have WTB as open or nearly open and wtt and wts should be unavailable for anyone with less than 100 posts. user has to select 1 of the options before they can post.
admins then would only need to look at the title to see if the user was trying to circumvent the system (eg selecting wtb but then saying sell in the title) Obviously they would still want to check contents of threads were conforming to the rules.

Making the section unavailable to anyone would cut down the site's revenue and as such would be a bad thing..
P.S anyone with ad blockers are hurting HWC!!... :O
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