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My System Specs


As said above get any of the seasonic based models, (XFX, Corsair and Antec all use Seasonic built stuff in SOME lines) or just a Seasonic but they tend to be more expensive.
I would say get a 750 watt but unless your stressing your system and overclocking it all then you should be fine with a 650 watt of this quality.

On the GPU.. unless it's for heat/noise reasons, you won't see all that much difference in 2 560ti's to a 670.. Wait 1 more gen IMO and then get the 670 equivalent.

I really hope you try overclocking etc and try find out if there is some other problem before you get set on an upgrade..
As I said.. I think your on the verge of upgrade territory but I would wait for 1 more generation of chips and cards if I was in your position.

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