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My System Specs


Originally Posted by Malam View Post
backup since they ... can't get damaged easily from shock.
May I ask where you plan to store those backups? Seagate's laptop hard drives are rated for 350g operating shock and 1000g non-operating shock, both of which would probably turn you into a mushy pile of meat if you got exposed to such a thing...
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1TB of SSD will cost you $700-1000 depending on your choice of drive.

For the same price, you can get approximately 8-10 1TB 3.5" on-sale mechanical drives. Unless you plan on keeping your backups on an off-road vehicle or similar, it will be a lot more likely for your 1 SSD to fail than having the 10 HDDs fail without you being able to recover the data. If you're not doing backups as an extreme sport, then you can get very good reliability by having 2 or more "rotating" backups of your pictures, while making sure that at least one is separate from the other backups and not plugged in.
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