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Originally Posted by sswilson View Post
Heh... don't base any decisions on "style of game" based on DIII, unless by "style of game" you mean something you expected to be epic but barely made the "it's ok to put up on store shelves" test. ;)

It really feels like it was rushed out the door in order to test the RMAH for a later game.... Every one of the "ooohhhhh that's pretty cool" innovations (like ranged monsters using physical items for defence) we saw in trailers seem to be in one location only.... it's like those bad movies where the only good parts are all shown in the 30 second trailer and the rest bites.

OTOH..... I haven't looked recently, but I suspect I've got 150hrs + out of it so it doesn't owe me any money.... an appology for deviating so far from what made the diablo franchise so great would be nice though.
I hate those types of movies
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