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I just don't have any excitement left in the game either.

MFing is terrible, the level cap is 60, skill points are assigned automatically, the item attributes are lame/boring, the game is quite difficult, the AH kills the excitement of item finding, and a whole bunch of other things.

I don't understand why Blizzard made attributes automatic. It really lets go of even more customized builds. In D2 for example, say I wanted to build a Sorc with energy shield as my meat armor, instead of putting stats into DEX for block, I would put it in INT to beef my mana pool, and I would have more items with faster hit recovery. If I wanted to have a Sorc with max block, I would invest all my points into DEX for 75% block, and find items with %better chance blocking and %faster block rate.

Same thing with a Barb. Do I want to destroy things with massive blows by increasing my STR, or actually manage to hit things with DEX with less damage. VIT is VIT, and of course when you feel like you're low on health, you'll invest the rest of those points into VIT.

Also in D2, even unique items were still expensive when they had the better stats. Perfect uniques went for high runes. Runewords were a blast, allowing other classes to have auras that diversified builds. Crybarb with teleport? Enchantress with Conviction aura? COOL!

The skill system was also very good as well. Synergies made the game sooooo much better. Sure, there were cookie cutter builds like Hammerdin, but there were also cookie cutter builds back in the v1.09 days. All sorcs and Paladins were the same. v1.10 introduced hybrid characters as well, allowing you to invest in different skills so that immune enemies could still be killed. When it came time to duel, the skills could be reset to make maximum damage from your character.

THIS is what made D2 so legendary.

D2 would still have been an amazing game if duping was not a problem and they increased the screen resolution.

Now in D3, all I really need to do is find items with +main stat and VIT, all Resistances and high damage. There we go, yay, I have my character. There is nothing fun here! Oh, I can't do enough damage or don't have enough VIT? Farm gold and buy from the AH because my finds are worthless...
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