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Originally Posted by redline View Post
I've been lurking this site on and off for years without ever posting, and just decided to mirror a BST FS thread on RFD to here without having considered BST restrictions for the protection of the community. I read the 'post requirements' section but managed to skip 'guidelines' and miss the requirement for 25 posts.

Now I find myself having to contribute 25 meaningful posts (besides this one ) to participate in the BST section, in which I have already participated as a buyer.

I would be in favour of paying a fee instead, for the purpose of disclosing personal info and as an alternate way to contribute to the site.
I would happily pay a fee just to post WTB as a new member. I'd still be happy having to wait until 25 posts to sell too. 50-100 even. I have nothing worth selling anyway :)

I started this thread about being specific to WTB not selling or trading.
I think it would be crazy to allow people to sell with just 25 posts. WTB as Ive stated earlier would be harmless imo.

Realistically someone who wanted to scam people for hundreds of dollars would happily sit there and make up 25 posts. Scam artists do alot more work for alot less money.

At NCIX recently for example a forum member was found to be posting hundreds if not thousands of reviews for products they never owned, bought or had any experience with. That user accumulated enough points to get several AMD processors. Imagine how many hours they must of put in to get that many points. I bet they could of bought the damn processors by working min wage at walmart for a fraction of the time.

Scammers will scam. Thats what they do and stubbornly so.

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